Live Your Yoga

Clarity is Purity

Clarity is the quality of purity. There are different grades and levels of clarity when it comes to diamonds, but what about the clarity of your visions and goals? Mantras can be effective tools guiding us towards clarity, especially in moments of doubt or judgement.Mantras are positive...


Prescribing Self-Care Time

As yoga teachers, we all know how healing time, is. Time to rest, restore and re-fuel – it's the body’s natural healing mechanism. So why then, with this knowledge, do so many of us struggle to allocate ourselves enough time? Even as a child, I struggled with anxiety. Years later, as my practice...


Practicing Metta Meditation

Recently, when I was leading a weekend yoga retreat, we practiced Metta Meditation. Metta means benevolence or loving-kindness. This Buddhist meditation practice helps us to understand four qualities of love: 1. Friendliness (metta)2. Compassion (karuna)3. Appreciative Joy (mudita) 4. Equanimity...


Manifesting 101

When I first heard that your thoughts create your reality my initial reaction was “cool, ok, so think positive.” My second response was “oh s%&t what about all the other times!?” This was a hard pill to swallow, especially on the days when things weren’t going my way. It seemed like no matter...