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Art of Chanting

The human voice is a powerful, beautiful instrument & this chanting course is designed to give you the tools to share & cultivate this phenomenal gift in your classes & personal practice.

By exploring the history of chant we create a solid foundation for understanding why we chant. Our journey into anatomy will give you a clear understanding of how the body produces sound, show you exercises to support the singing structure & discuss perspectives on vocal technique. Basic Sanskrit pronunciation is reviewed, as well as a foray into the world of vibrations & cymatics of chanting.

The aim of this program is to increase your confidence in sharing your voice through chant. Confidence comes through repetition. The program includes additional recordings which are there to use as a practice guide, chanting along, strengthening your voice & giving you space to explore your own sound.

Chant opens the heart & makes love flow.
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Sharon Chimes (Kinsale, Ireland)

Thank-you for the wonderful course. Mark has an amazing voice & is such a calm and patient personality..


The human voice is a powerful & beautiful instrument!
The Art of Chanting program is designed to give you the tools to share & cultivate this phenomenal gift in your classes & personal practice.

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Program Fees

We appreciate that global circumstances of COVID 19 have affected each of us. We have been blessed with increased enrolment, and we are expressing our gratitude by paying it forward and reducing our price point for the time being.

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Regular Program Pricing | $150 USD

Promotional Pricing | $99 USD


What course materials are included in my fees?
  • 2 year access to the online curriculum (quizzes, videos, lectures, resources etc.)
  • Access to our private FB Group of students, alumni and teachers.
  • Ongoing faculty support. Once you have finished your program, we would welcome you to reach out whenever you need to.

What course materials are not included in my fees?


Successful students must receive 70% or more on quizzes, in order to receive certification. 2 attempts for all evaluations are allowed.

Refund Policy:

Upon purchase, the program is non-refundable.

Meet Your Teacher

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Mark Atherton

I always loved to move my body, I was obsessed with gymnastics as a child and was intrigued by the shapes I was able to find with practice and discipline.

As a young adult I continued to explore the capability of my body but my focus moved to music, and I fell in love, this time with opera. I studied singing, obtained a degree in opera performance from The University of British Columbia, and worked diligently toward a career in music.

As I moved towards crafting a life as a performer, teaching singing came to me naturally and guiding others to explore their voices became my focus. I felt something missing however, a void that music alone wasn’t fulfilling.

After a little searching I found myself in a yoga class. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to reconnect with my body in ways similar as to when I was a child. It took a year of regular classes before I knew I wanted to dive in deeper into understanding yoga and embarked upon my first teacher training. It was during this training that I felt a massive shift. Yoga philosophy, Buddhism and the ideas contained within these teachings gave me a whole new set of tools with which to understand myself and those around me. Meditation, philosophy study and a consistent asana practice changed everything, including my path through life.

I began to focus on teaching yoga full time. I found ways to integrate my love of music and singing into my yoga classes. Through yoga, all the varied and diverse aspects of myself were coming together and finding their home.

I feel so empowered by the teachings that have been shared with me, the big and subtle shifts that have occurred through creating a kinder relationship with my body and mind, that having the opportunity to share this with others through yoga programs, is a joy. I am so blessed to be part of a team of like-minded humans who are passionate about sharing the transformational power of yoga and sound.

I welcome you to explore the Art of Chanting.

Mark is a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer (ERYT 500). He is also formally trained in Opera and Classical Music through the University of British Columbia's, School of Music.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that deciding which program to choose is challenging. We believe in transparency and have addressed potential questions you may have. This is a great way to decide if this is the program for you. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Does this program qualify for Continuing Education credits?

Yes! Upon successful completion, you will receive an official certificate. This program qualifies for 15 Continuing Education credits with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance UK.

Is this program just for yoga teachers?

Absolutely not! Anyone wishing to delve deeper into their practice is welcome to join us.

Is this course suitable for beginners or people without any yoga experience?

Yes, regardless of where you are with your practice, we welcome you. Our program ensures that you will be able to succeed with little or no yoga experience.

Do I need to be fluent in English?

We welcome students from all backgrounds and ethnicities. All students should be fairly fluent in the English language (reading, writing & speaking).

Do I automatically receive a certificate if I pay for the course?

No. In order to successfully graduate from any training program we offer, you must successfully meet the evaluation criteria.

No need to be anxious. All items on each quiz will be covered in advance and our goal is to ensure you are prepared. Your success is our success!

Are there any live sessions in the program?

No, the entire program is on demand.

What does self-paced, on demand learning mean?

What this means is that the program does not require any group study, or attending particular tutorials at specific points in the training. You set the pace for your learning. You move through the curriculum when and as you want. Students can go back and review sections as many times as needed. The entire program is pre-recorded so that it is on demand, available to you, always.

If the program is on-demand, what opportunities are there for faculty support and interaction with other students?

We have four key tools and resources that we provide to students to ensure they have a truly interactive and engaging experience.

  • The program has an internal Q&A forum where students engage with one another and faculty throughout the program.
  • We have a private FB Group for alumni and faculty - it has hundreds of members. This platform is active daily with interaction between peers and teachers alike.
  • Each month, faculty holds a live Q&A session. If you are not available at the set time, you may submit questions prior to the session and they will be addressed. It is recorded and made available to all students.
  • We have a dedicated Student Support Centre staffed by faculty and our administration team. This is available 7 days a week.

As you can see, you will never be left without the ability to reach us and have your questions and queries addressed. We understand how important support is for online learning.

Once I begin the program, how long do I have to complete it?

From the time you register, you will have 2 years to complete any programming we offer.

The beauty of online learning, is that it is a completely self-paced program - you decide when you start and when you finish. Ideally, working through the program without large gaps in time works best, but we appreciate that life is complicated.

When I go to purchase the course, I see an extra charge ~ why is that?

If you are in the UK or the EU, there will be an automatic addition for the VAT taxes. The system recognizes that your devices' IP address is located in these countries. Because of tax treaty laws, we cannot amend that. If you are in other areas, such as Canada or the US, there will be a different tax applied, depending on where you are located. Certain jurisdictions, do not have taxes. All taxes collected are on behalf of the governments, and do not come to us directly; they are remitted immediately, to the applicable jurisdiction.

What course materials are included in my fees?
  • 2 year access to the online curriculum (quizzes, videos, lectures, resources etc.)
  • Access to our private FB Group of students, alumni and teachers.
  • Ongoing faculty support. Once you have finished your program, we would welcome you to reach out whenever you need to.

What course materials are not included in my fees?

Why am I required to join the online yoga class streaming platform? 

The online streaming platform, at $6 USD per month, is a tool we use while you are actively engaged in the program. A very small percentage (2%-3%) of the program is accessed via this platform. Once you have completed the program, you are free to cancel that. You can also place your access on hold at any time you are taking a break from your training program. Most students find the platform extremely helpful after they have completed the program, but the choice is yours!

What payment forms do you accept?

Visa and Mastercard

If you do not have a credit card, please email us and we will gladly work something out.

Are there any hidden fees for the program?

Absolutely not! We take pride in being transparent about the full cost of the program. We will never charge you more if we decide to add new resources to the program.

All pricing is listed in US dollars and payments will automatically be converted to US dollars if you are paying with another currency.

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