What is earthing? Have you ever wondered why it feels so wonderful to walk barefoot on the beach? Feeling the sand between your toes, the sand shifting beneath your feet. This phenomenon is known by many names and when explained might answer a lot of your questions about our connection with nature!

earthing-connect-to-the-earth-online-yoga-trainingAlso known as grounding, earthing is one of our most natural connections to the planet. By joining our skin to Earth’s surface we can receive proven benefits from its energy. This gentle transfer of energy can reduce stress, improve sleep and it even fights chronic inflammation. But how?

We are constantly surrounded by and filled with positively and negatively charged electrons. The Earth serves as a grounding force, beaming with negative electrons that help balance our energy. Technology on the other hand is charged with positive electrons that can build up inside of the body leading to illness or pain.

In the past, humans practiced earthing as part of daily life. Like animals, they walked, sat and slept bare on the Earth’s surface, unknowingly fighting off disease and equalizing their energetic state with earthing. Fast forward to the 21st century, we hear about, see and experience all kinds of illness. The constant usage of rubber or plastic shoes and full-time work indoors (among other things) has put us in a “normal” and crippling state of suffering. It sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true!

The frequencies emitted from wi-fi, for example, saturate the atmosphere with an abundance of positively charged electrons. When we are around devices that use wi-fi, the positive electrons can accumulate in our bodies and form into free radicals depleting our health. Continuation of this cycle can be detrimental for us, but earthing can keep those electrons at bay. Direct contact with the land and sea can help to reverse these side affects and bring us back to a healthy state.

So, this is me telling you to go out and explore the world! Kick your shoes off and run through the park with your dog. Take a spontaneous trip to the nearest lake or river and feel the rush of the water. Create a safe space in your backyard for meditating and resting by the garden! Get creative with your earthing practices, friends, the Earth welcomes us all!

How will you practice earthing?

Contributed by guest author, Liz, Yoga Teacher Training Alum

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