At some point in our lives, we come to a crossroads. This intersection of choices shows us paths that are influenced by our past, our present, and our future. Our greatest challenge at a crossroads is to take the bolder path. Learning from our past, keeping our future in sight, yet living in the moment.

crossroads-finding-your-path-online-yoga-trainingBeing in the present moment can be difficult when arriving at a crossroads and making a decision for our future. How do I know that what I choose next, will lead me down the right path?

This crossroads came for me when I was 23 years old. I had been following a path that I felt I was told to go down. I had completed my undergraduate degree in Aquatic Biology and was on a job project that I loved. I was making a difference in the future of the natural world. After years of study and sacrifice, I thought my career path journey was at an end. I was content. But change is constant. I was at a crossroads and an opportunity began to divide my otherwise concrete path.

Become a yoga teacher. Create a yoga studio. Build a yoga community. I was torn apart.

My science learned brain said to me, “Biology has been your longest known memory; science is passion, exploration, and endless questions with a constant seeking for answers,”. But yoga calmed the storm within that I never thought would pass. Where medicinal science had failed, yoga had soothed my heart. Do I give up all the dedication, money, sleepless nights, and the pride in my father’s eyes that led to me to become a scientist? Or do I pass up an opportunity of a lifetime for a future that I never thought existed? Which path do I take?

Author Deborah Adele helped with my decision, “Aparigraha invites us to practice divine play, experience full intimacy and contact with the moment, and then to let go so the next thing can come.” I received ‘The Yamas & Niyamas’ book on my 24th birthday. I have learned to be content with each moment I am in; for I know now that my future is never in stone. My world is constantly changing, and at the crossroads, I gladly step onto the bolder path.

When you find yourself at a crossroads and you question your inner self, where do you turn for guidance?

Contributed by guest author, Sierra Koethe, Yoga Teacher Training Alum

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