Spring is snapping and this time of year is all about renewal and growth. It’s the perfect time to harness that abundant energy and raise your goddess vibe.

goddess-vibes-self-awareness-self-respect-and-self-expression-online-yoga-trainingWhat do I mean by goddess vibe? To me, this isn’t necessarily a gendered term. Anyone, regardless of gender identity can tap into the infinite divine power within. Goddess vibrations are self awareness, respect, and expression. That’s all I mean.

It’s that creative energy swirling in the sacral chakra, and is also the seat of sacred sexuality. By tapping into our goddess vibes, we become more creative, expansive and ultimately more powerful.

Developing self awareness brings insight and clarity and naturally opens us up to more growth.
Journalling about daily life, thoughts and feelings makes us more aware of what we’re going through. Time can easily slip past us, but a goddess is ageless and outside of our linear perceptions. Journalling slows down the day, bringing all of the experiences into the present moment, and that unity is divine.

Meditation and learning to watch thoughts as they pass through the mind is another excellent way to develop self awareness.

Self respect is synonymous with the goddess vibe. A goddess doesn’t cut themselves down. Self respect means taking your desires and dreams seriously. It also means honouring needs: physical, mental, and spiritual. Respect yourself with acts of self care. Your body is your vessel for this round of consciousness, treat it well and require others to do the same.

A goddess knows their worth: infinite. They know the value of their time, also infinite. Increase your goddess vibes by spending your time wisely on people and projects that reflect your worth.

Finally, a goddess is expressive.
She exists to show divine power in the form that bests suits her. Pele, the Hawaiian fire goddess, displays her beauty in plumes of molten rock and smoke. Find your goddess vibes through creative self expression. Paint a picture, rock a favourite outfit, tell your chosen person that you love them. Be what you feel and make something that makes you feel “you”.

Being expressive also means speaking when it might not feel completely comfortable. A goddess knows when something is off and does what they can to adjust it back to balance. Speak your mind, kindly, to let others know that you’re there. Your glowing goddess vibes are there to inspire and cause more divine light to appear.

Self awareness, respect, and expression aren’t selfish or unnecessary. They make us each unique and able to appreciate these aspects in others. These divine qualities make us powerful. Our goddess vibes are always an option, to grow or let go.

What makes your goddess vibes glow? How has your practice of yoga led to change?

Contributed by guest author, Nym, Yoga Teacher Training Alum

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