Ginger Tea is a bit of a magic bullet in Ayurveda. It may seem too simple to be effective but ginger tea is almost magical in its ability to facilitate all types of digestion (including mental, emotional and the digestion that consumes toxins – detoxification).

kickstart-digestion-with-ginger-tea-angela-inglis-online-yoga-trainingWhen digestion is accomplished with less energy, the energy saved is freed up for other activities – both internal and external. This means there’s more energy for immune function and also more energy to do anything else you’d like to do, such as that yoga class or outing, house cleaning, making a home-cooked meal or feeling a little more alert and awake in the course of your day.

So ginger tea is one of the best things you can consume to support your body (and mind) following the holidays – and anytime.

~ Use approximately 1 tbsp. peeled and grated fresh ginger (preferably organic) per litre of water

~ Leave it on a low, rolling boil for at least 5 minutes; longer will make it stronger (I leave mine to simmer for 30 minutes!)

~ Stronger is more effective but only if you don’t overheat; if your tea leaves you feeling too hot or it’s too spicy, use less ginger OR let the tea cool OR add some plain water to make it milder and/or cooler in temperature

~ Add lemon and honey when you’re sick or just in need of a little lift or sweetness

~ Experiment with cinnamon, orange zest, mint or other additions that excite your tastebuds

Sip throughout the day and enjoy enhanced digestion and the energy that results from it.

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