Life balance has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been noticing that almost everything in life comes down to balance, which is perfectly symbolized in the yin-yang symbol. There has to be a little bit of darkness in the light, and a little bit of light in the darkness for everything to run smoothly. A balanced life needs this too.

life-balance-yin-and-yang-online-yoga-trainingEvery person is either yang dominant or yin dominant and it’s important to know what you are so you can accordingly find life balance. The yang person needs a little bit of yin, and the yin person needs a little bit of yang, even if these traits don’t come naturally to you.

What is a yang person?
This person is active, enthusiastic, charismatic and excitable. For a more balanced life, a yang person needs to include more yin qualities.

What is a yin person?
This person is quiet, grounded, introverted and enjoys time alone. For a more balanced life, a yin person needs to include more yang qualities.

How do you create a balanced life with yin and yang characteristics?

First of all, it’s important to be self-aware and notice when your behaviours become subconscious reactions to what’s happening around you rather than thoughtful actions.

When a yang person is out of balance they may tend towards anger or outbursts. It is important to notice when this is happening and take active steps towards a yin life balance. This could look like eating more cooling foods, resting during the hottest part of the day and having a strong yin yoga practice.

A yang person can use their yoga practice for life balance by holding poses for longer periods of time, practicing Alternate Nostril Breathing and resting in stillness and silence.

When a yin person is out of balance they may tend towards lethargy and sadness. When you’re self-aware and notice these feelings more often, this is when you take steps toward a yang life balance. This could look like adding more activity into your life, especially through a vinyasa or ashtanga yoga practice, spending more time around people or practicing a heating pranayama like Lion’s Breath.

Are you a yin or yang person and how do you create life balance?

Contributed by guest author: Ally Potrebka

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