If you’re involved in yoga you probably have an idea of what spirituality is. But is it all incense, meditation, and organic food? The answer to that is, it can be, but it might also be something very different. The “new age” movement has offered up a skewed perception of what connecting to spirit really means. Spiritual connection doesn’t have to look or act a certain way. Luckily, it’s all about a very different sense all together.

what-does-it-mean-to-connect-to-spirit-emily-kane-online-yoga-trainingWhen it comes down to it, spirituality is all about feeling rather than looking or acting the part. Although creating connection with the world around you should be a priority—people, nature, animals etc.—the thread that forms is unique to the individual; meaning that each person’s interpretation of connecting to spirit will differ.

So, you don’t have to love crystals, read tarot, or do astrology to be spiritual—and luckily, it’s ok to love these things too! The point is, that everyone will have a unique take on what connects them to their spirit.

Music is a perfect example. You might have some songs you absolutely love. You may even feel that the beats and lyrics speak directly to your soul! However, not everyone will have that same reaction to your favorite music. In fact, someone who likes a different genre might not feel any connection to spirit while listening to the exact same songs. Here’s the cool thing about this realization: you can still connect to your spirit whether you are listening to Deva Premal or Lady Gaga. Remember, spirituality isn’t a “look,” it’s a feeling.

So you may be wondering, “Ok, so what is this feeling, then? How do I know when I’m doing something spiritual?” That’s easy to answer with a couple of simple questions.

1. Does it elevate you?

2. Do you feel like your best self?

These questions seem similar but dig into slightly different territories. When you ask yourself “does this elevate me?” -- elevation is the awakening of excitement, fierceness, passion, and the sense of being truly alive. It can also make you feel extremely relaxed, at ease, and in the flow of life. If whatever you’re doing creates this frame of mind -- whether it’s dancing, reading, snowboarding, or writing -- then that’s your connection to spirit.

The following question, “do you feel like your best self?” is an essential second step. There are certain activities that might make you feel elevated temporarily but will damage your connection to spirit. For some people this is drinking, drugs, unhealthy relationships, or other negative behaviors.

If you’re wondering how to connect to your spirit, ask yourself these two questions and see what comes up. Being your spiritual self might even be more common than you think.

What connects you to your spirit?

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